• Decrypt the bitlocker encrypted drive
  • extracting the flag from deleted PDF

Challenge points: 246
No. of solves: 62
Solved by: g4rud4, stuxn3t, v1ru5, d3liri0us

Initial Analysis

We are given a VHDX file, you can download the file from here. The file signature of the given VHDX file is also in format.

Mounting VHDX file

We can mount the VHDX file by double-clicking the VHDX file. On mounting the file we got a pop-up asking for the bit-locker password.

Now we need to find the password of the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Cracking the password

On searching online found a tool BitlockCracker for brute-forcing the BitLocker password. But brute-forcing 10^48 is not possible so the same Github user provided a link to bitcracker.

The bit cracker is made simple for cracking the password. As it resulted with the hash, which can be cracked with John the Ripper.

Here is what we got after building the bit cracker tool.

$ ./build/bitcracker_hash -i ../ll2.vhdx

---------> BitCracker Hash Extractor <---------
Encrypted device ../ll2.vhdx opened, size  132.00 MB

************ Signature #1 found at 0x1400003 ************
Version: 8
Invalid version, looking for a signature with valid version...

************ Signature #2 found at 0x5500000 ************
Version: 2 (Windows 7 or later)

=====> VMK entry found at 0x55000a7
Encrypted with User Password (0x55000c8)
VMK encrypted with AES-CCM
======== UP VMK ========
UP Salt: 212afe1afbb733f18b043338d85c4744
UP Nonce: 80ad0e8486ead60103000000
UP MAC: 01c1f4b616a85eecbd9d090ba2f0cbf5
UP VMK: 642f6591ff2abdf1df84e3fc33240b714e5fd280f03b7b4fbb8fe6f58dcea572f1258671c7d42748c76097ed

=====> VMK entry found at 0x5500187
Encrypted with Recovery Password (0x55001a8)
Searching for AES-CCM (0x55001c4)...
        Offset 0x5500257.... found! :)
======== RP VMK #0 ========
RP Salt: b044a4ad4fc868f736d0baf7ef47a9ea
RP Nonce: 80ad0e8486ead60106000000
RP MAC: 58fe021061ac9673d8925324f7a35304
RP VMK: 3381445679ab17420c05c408a728775c3fde50f1333b720a876dab4cc850e29078aa257dab9f4f690be0fb81

************ Signature #3 found at 0x64c8000 ************
Version: 2 (Windows 7 or later)

=====> VMK entry found at 0x64c80a7
Can't define a key protection method for values (0,20)... skipping!

=====> VMK entry found at 0x64c8187
Encrypted with Recovery Password (0x64c81a8)
Searching for AES-CCM (0x64c81c4)...
        Offset 0x64c8257.... found! :)

This VMK has been already stored...quitting to avoid infinite loop!

User Password hash:

Recovery Key hash #0:

Output file for user password attack: "hash_user_pass.txt"

Output file for recovery password attack: "hash_recv_pass.txt"

Using John to crack the User Password hash we got 12345678 as the password for the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Further Analysis

On opening the BitLocker encrypted drive, we found only one text file named password. And it has the password used for encrypting the drive.

But the drive has 14 MB filled files, but we can only see a text. Stuxn3t suggested to open the unlocked drive-in FTK Imager and check out the deleted files.

There a PDF file deleted on opening the PDF found a fake flag.

But we see some text highlighed back on that fake flag.