This page contains a roadmap to learn Memory Forensics.


Below are some links for learning more about Memory Forensics.

Recommanded Books

  1. The Art of Memory Forensics
  2. Practical Memory Forensics

Memory Forensics require a lot of additional reading and implementation for retrieving forensic artefacts. So it is recommanded that the user read the books mentioned above.

Memory Acquisition

There are a lot of tools to acquire memory. Following are some of the popular ones.


The following tools can be used to acquire a memory dump from a Windows system.


The following tools can be used to acquire a memory dump from a Linux system.


The following tools can be used to acquire a memory dump from a Mac OS system.

Memory Analysis

There are a lot of tools for analysis (both commercial and open-source). One of the most used tool for analysis is Volatility.

If you want to visualize a memory image as a virtual file system, then you can use MemProcFS

Get Volatility from:

Creating a Linux Volatility profile

Volatility 2: then you can use this reference for creating a new profile.

Volatility 3: made a move from using plugins to Symbol tables. For linux these needs to be generated. Intermediate Symbol Format file can be processed by Volatility 3.

Volatility Command Reference

Use the following Command Reference to get to know about different Volatility plugins and its usage:

Here is an another walk-through from hackingarcticles.in

Video guides

Below are some video guides on how to use volatility and some important artefacts that can be extracted from Memory:

Practice challenges

CTFs are one of the best way to get your hands dirty in memory forensics.

Note: If you need a walk through on how to analyze a memory dump file, you can check this out.

Below are a list (not limited to) of challenges available online for practice:

  1. Memlabs by Abhiram Kumar - Educational CTF-styled labs for learning memory forensics hands-on.

    To give you a better understanding of volatility and Memory Forensics, I would suggest you follow the below order in solving the labs from Memlabs.

S. No Challenge Name Lab link
1 The Evil’s Den Lab 3
2 Beginner’s Luck Lab 1
3 A New World Lab 2
4 Obsession Lab 4
5 Black Tuesday Lab 5
6 The Reckoning Lab 6
  1. Magnet Virtual Summit 2020 - Windows Memory
  2. DEFCON DFIR CTF 2019 - Windows Memory Forensics

Here an awesome list created by digitalisx: https://github.com/digitalisx/awesome-memory-forensics